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  Reading is my hobby. While reading, I can get a lot of happiness. When I m free, I often read some famous books. Books are my best friends that always keep me a good company. They often give me powers. Through reading, I can enlarge my eyes as well as widen my heart. Through reading, I become more and more knowledgeable.


  My favorite books are Readers and VOA. Readers cover the knowledge of culture, literature, and history, so I can benefit a lot by reading it. VOA can let me know the foreign countries better. Thanks to VOA, my oral English is improving day by day.


  This is my good habit that I will keep it forever.



  How are you?

  During summer holiday, I am going to Beijing with my parents. Can you help me do some thing when I leave home?

  I hope you can help me feed my dog by dog s food. I will give you Dog s food on that day when I am going to Beijing. I also hope you can help me watering the flowers. Don t forget give too much water to the flowers.









  In the early nineteenth century, people began to use gas , but the gas pipeline supply by a leak or blockage, very easy to have an accident, people for illumination of reform, very ardent. In fact, Edison for himself set the mission impossible: in addition to improve lighting, but also of Thomas Edison electric light Create a set of power supply system. And he and the dream LuoYuan buddies, sleepless do 1600 repeatedly heat-resistant material and more than 600 plant fiber experiment, only produced the first carbon wire bulb, can a burning 45 hours. Later he more on this basis, the method of continuous improvement manufacture can ignite 12 hours finally came out with the ZhuSi bulbs. The 19th century the 1980s, Edison electric light career succeeded, this success than any previous achievements brought him reputation. In the 1980s, before he had little mistake, intermediate later, although he has made great achievements, but also common occurance of failure. Edison s most not commendable actions is one of his criticism alternating current, say it has side effects, likely cause of death and injury, but he did not add details. So somebody said, as he such a mess out many inventions that people about others new invention saurday attack, this is very contradictory things. He opposes the use of alternating current and direct current, so the approve a fierce debate and stubborn in failure. In this respect, reflects the Edison became a celebrity after the stubbornness of started to foster old-fashioned shortcomings.

  19世纪初,人们开始使用煤气灯,但是煤气靠管道供给,一但漏气或堵塞,非常容易出事,人们对于照明的改革,十分殷切。事实上,爱迪生为自己订定了一个不可能的任务:除了改良照明之外,还要爱迪生发明的电灯创造一套供电的系统。 于是他和梦罗园的伙伴们,不眠不休的做了1600多次耐热材料和600多种植物纤维的实验,才制造出第一个炭丝灯泡,可以一次燃烧45个钟头。后来他更在这基础上不断改良制造的方法,终于推出可以点燃1200小时的竹丝灯泡。快三走势图机器人官方网址22270.COM 19世纪80年代中期,爱迪生的电灯事业获得了成功,这一成功比以往任何成就给他带来的声誉都大。在80年代中期以前,他很少有失误,中期以后,尽管他也取得了很大成就,但失败也是屡见不鲜的。爱迪生最不值得称赞的行为之一就是他批评交流电,说它有副作用,可能造成死亡与损伤,但他未加具体说明。所以有人说, 像他这样一个自己搞出了许多发明创造的人竟然对别人的新发明大加攻击,这是很矛盾的事。 他反对使用交流电而赞成直流电,因而在一场激烈而固执的论战中败北。在这方面,反映出了爱迪生成为名人之后渐渐滋生的







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