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  Teacher: *****

  Content: Lesson 14 Unit7 colors (2)

  1. Knowledge aim

  ①The text of lesson 14 is talk about colors.

  ②Understand and speak out the nine new words: blue, pink, black, white, have, pet, it, rabbit.

  ③Study the new sentences: “what color is it ” “I have a …” “It’s…” (The answer is color)

  2. Teaching aim

  ①Master the new words.

  ②Make sentences with the new words.

  ③Let the students to the color of interrelated inquiries and responses have a clear understanding. ④Develop students’ imaginations.

  3. Develop teaching point.

  ①Speak out the new words and make sentences in right tone. ②Stress the “a” is important to the sentence “I have a….” Many students often miss it.

  4. Teaching aids

  Cards, tape, some stars (To encourage students)


  Background of English teaching in primary school

  It is not a long history that English is as a subject in primary school in our country and the main instructional aims of teaching English in primary school is to cultivate pupils’ basic abilities of their listening and speaking and their good sense of the English language. Our boys and girls are exposed to English for the first time, so it is very important to develop their keen interest in English.

  I. Contents:

  Today I’m going to talk about Part B of Unit 2, PEP Primary English, Book 3. This lesson includes two parts: Let’s talk and let’s practice. In section 1, it mainly deals with the dialogue about “What’s in the schoolbag ” and the answers. And in section 2, it provides a real situation for the Ss to prastise the pattern: How many +n.(pl.)+ do you have And the answer: I have 23 +n.(pl.)

  II. Teaching aims

  1. Aims on the knowledge

  (1) To enable the Ss to understand and speak: “My schoolbag is heavy. What’s in it Thank you so much.” Make sure that Ss can use these sentences in real situations.

  (2) To help Ss to finish the survey.

  (3) Let Ss finish the assessment of “Let’s check” in this unit.

  2. Aims on the abilities

  (1) To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking.

  (2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in groups.

  (3) To foster Ss’ abilities of communication and their innovation.

  ( 书村网 www.shucunwang.com )

  3. Aims on the emotion

  (1) To foster Ss’ consciousness of good co-operation and proper competition.

  (2) To lead Ss to show their loveliness to the poor.

  III. Key-points of this lesson

  (1) To help Ss ask and answer the question: What’s in it

  (2) To enable Ss to study in groups and co-operate skillfully.

  (3) To develop Ss’ interest in English.


  This is a dialogue that happens in the fruit shop .several sentences surround selling and buying the fruit will belearned .During the first and the second part in this unit ,the kids have understood simple instructions and act accordingly ,and they can say simple words ,phrases or sentences by looking at objects and the pictures .eg: lychee, banana, apple,“What’s this It’s an apple.”In Unit seven ,we grasped the numbers from one to ten .

  The main language points in this unit is to make sentences using the fruit and numbers freely and communicate with others in English in the fruit shop. And pay close attention to the single and plural forms of the nouns .According to the kids’ English level and the corresponding content in the daily life ,I give them some extra extending .To train their ability of communicate with the others in English ,I prepare the following design .

  Teaching aims (教黑龙江快3讨论群_彩经_彩发财目标)

  1.knowledge and skill aims :(知识技能目标)

  Review the names of the ten different kinds of fruit and recognize the numbers from one to ten .

  Understand simple instructions about the numbers and act accordingly. Practice English and communicate with others in the situation.

  2.Equip them with the emotion ,attitude and value goals :(情感、态度、价值目标)

  Cultivate the spirit of co-operations in the group work..








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